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Dear. Sir

VK BOGOS CORPORATION is the leading company manufacturing the all kind of industrial adhesive tapes. We are Korean company and we produce repulpable splicing tape for paper industry, P.E foam tape for sun-energy module and anti-corrosion tape for Oil & Gas pipeline.

We specialize in producing & exporting anti-corrosion tapes for gas, oil & water pipelines, repulpable tapes for pulp and paper and P.E foam tape for sun-energy module.To customer’s needs,

We always develop the various tapes in industrial site.

Our repulpable Splicing tapes are used to make a manufacturing process continual, joining the end of a web of material to the beginning of a new web, or roll of material. This helps avoids valuable down time rethreading the new roll through the machine or press. VK Bogos Corp makes available single , double-coated splicing tape and Straight Line called Quick Splice. The adhesive on splicing tapes can be rubber or acrylic. Our anti corrosion tape is designed for provide reliable corrosion protection and mechanical resistence to metal pipes, underground steel pipes and bare bends, girth welded joints of PE, Epoxy & PP coated pipes by hand or machine applications. The main material used is a stabilized polyethylene backing and butyl rubber based synthetic elastomer adhesive

Our  frame edge seal tape incresing strength for UV, Moisture, Oxigen and Heat so, Especially can use the area where need high final adhesive strength, resistent to hot and cold. Our tape has excellent resistance to UV rays, abrasion, moisture, temperature and chemicals. Also, good adhesion to Aluminium, steel, glass and plastic. It is proper use to Sun-Energy Module Frame Edge sealing.

Our worldwide sales network system provides customers with good quality services & information in technical support & lots of industry.

With the continuous research & investment,

We make all the effort to advance in technology and develop new products.

Supplying the various products with competitive price, we are expending our business area abroad.

We promise to be the most trusted company in all kind of tape market.

We want to contact person in charge of purchase. We will possible to send the samples and detail specification.

Thank you in advance.


VK bogos Corporation

Detailed Company Information

  • Business Type
  • Year Established
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsU.A.E.,Bahrain,Iraq,Iran,Kuwait,Oman,Russia,Saudi Arabia,U.S.A
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentPark, Kyong Shik
  • Phone+82-031-944-8490
  • FAX+82-031-944-8498
  • Address#381-1 Majang-Ri, Gwangtan-Myeon, Paju-City, Gyunggi-Do, Korea
  • Product Category Chemicals


  • ISO9001(business)

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  • ISO14001(business)

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Additional Introduction

We, VK Bogos corp well known as Producer of special adhesive tape for Industrial use such as Anti-corrosion tape for Oil & Gas pipe line wrapping use, Water proofing sheet, Repulpable splicing tape for Paper and printing industry and PET tape for LCD. We are located in South Korea and Our products has been sold in Europe, Middle east Asia ,Japan, and China.


Factory Information

  • VK Bogos Corporation381, Majang-Ri, Gwangtan-Myun, Paju-City, Kyunggi-Do, Korea.